Eyelid Ptosis

There are many types and many causes of ptosis, the medical term for sagging upper eyelids. If untreated long enough, eyelid ptosis can lead to other conditions affecting one’s vision such as astigmatism or what is referred to as a “lazy eye.” The varying causes include age, injury, birth defects, and neural or muscle problems.

Types of Ptosis

Acquired Ptosis: As opposed to congenital ptosis, this condition occurs after birth as a result of aging, certain illnesses, injury, and nerve or muscle disorders. Patients who develop a droopy upper eyelid should consult a physician immediately as it could be a symptom of a more urgent neurological condition.

Age-Related Ptosis: One of the most common types of ptosis. This results from stretching or tearing of the tendon which lifts the eyelid, causing it to droop.

Congenital Ptosis: As opposed to acquired ptosis, this eyelid condition is apparent at birth and usually results from abnormal prenatal growth of the eyelid muscle. Although not always severe, it can lead to issues in early childhood developmental milestones as well as problems regarding the child’s vision. It is important to consult both your child’s pediatrician and Ophthalmologist if you suspect your child is experiencing any of these symptoms.

Muscle-Related Ptosis: This is a result of a weakening in the muscle which raises the upper eyelid.

Nerve-Related Ptosis: This condition arises from problems with the nerves around the eye used to communicate with the muscles which raise the upper eyelid.

Mechanical Ptosis: This condition is caused by physical limitations which impede the normal motor functions of the eyelid. Examples include inflammation of the eyelid, an excess amount of skin, or any other abnormal growth.

Traumatic Ptosis: This condition is a result of an injury that damages the skin, muscles, or nerves around the eyelid.

It is important with any of the above conditions to consult your Ophthalmologist in conjunction with your doctor here at Eyelid & Facial Consultants to develop the right treatment strategy for you.

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