Dry Eye

Tears not only keep the eyes lubricated and comfortable but also clear the eyes of unhealthy bacteria and particles that could cause infections. Dry eye syndrome results in a decrease in the tear layer causing redness, irritation, burning sensations in the eyes, sensitivity to light, and makes the eyes more prone to infection. Dry eye can affect anyone due to a number of reasons including allergies, medication, exposure to a dry environment and more.

People with dry eye syndrome can be easily affected by changes in their environment. To treat dry eye, it is recommended that patients first try using eye drops, a humidifier, and take fish oil and/or flaxseed oil supplements. Those affected by dry eye should make sure they change their contact lenses regularly and limit their exposure to cigarette smoke, windy and dry environments and ceiling fans.

In patients who are not improved with the above treatments, Eyelid & Facial Consultants can help treat dry eye by surgically closing the tear ducts temporarily or permanently. This treatment keeps the moisture within the protective tear layer of the eye thus improving patient comfort. Our specialists can also correct eyelid problems that may be contributing to dry eye symptoms.

Eyelid & Facial Consultants aims to make every patient feel comfortable and secure. If you have any questions or concerns or would like more information, please call (504) 895-3223 to set up a consultation with one of our specialists.


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