Revisional Eyelid Surgery

Due to the rapid evolution of medicine in general, cosmetic surgery has become a very specialized medical discipline. There are many sub-specialists within the field all of whom have different backgrounds in training. Areas of concentration include specialists in general, facial, nasal, ophthalmic, and dermatologic plastic surgery. Most people would agree that physicians specifically trained in nasal surgery (ENT-Facial Plastic Surgeons) would be the most suited to perform Cosmetic Nasal Surgery (Rhinoplasty) and physicians specifically trained in breast surgery (Plastic Surgeons) would be the best suited to perform Breast Augmentation. Likewise, cosmetic surgery of the eyelids should be performed by Oculofacial plastic surgeons (board certified ophthalmologist with separate subspecialty training in cosmetic surgery of the eyelids, forehead, eyebrows and middle face).

The eyes are the center of ones facial appearance. The goal of cosmetic eyelid surgery is to create naturally younger appearing eyelids while also maintaining the important protective functions of the eyelids. Many times people have an “operated on” look after cosmetic eyelid surgery and subsequently develop visual problems postoperativley.

The most effective way of decreasing the risk of these occurrences is to have surgery performed by the most experienced eyelid surgeon in your area. In most cases, this will be an Oculofacial plastic surgeon as their practices are solely dedicated to performing surgery on the eyelids and surrounding structures.

Drs. Worley, Hariri and Pharo are well respected specialists in this field and have given lectures at national meetings and published papers in medical journals describing their techniques. Many of the procedures performed at Worley & Hariri Oculofacial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery are to correct unsatisfactory results of previous eyelid surgery or ones which have not met an individual’s expectations. Because our physicians have specialized training in revisional eyelid surgery and have performed countless surgical procedures to correct these problems, you can be sure that you are receiving the best care available.

Our physicians are happy to discuss your unique situation related to previous eyelid surgery at length in your initial consultation. These are problems that should only be handled by individuals with significant training and experience in revisional Oculofacial plastic surgery.


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