Facial Nerve Palsy

Facial nerve palsy can lead to a wide range of issues affecting one’s health and well-being. The facial nerve controls one’s ability to make tears and the physical functioning of the eyes and the eyelids. Facial nerve palsies can lead to paralysis and the inability of the facial muscles to express effectively, even causing unintentional expressions and drooling. Congenital defects, facial or spinal injury, tumors, strokes, aneurysms, and even certain viral infections can lead to disorders of the facial nerve.

It is important, as with most conditions affecting the nervous system, to consult a ‘team’ of doctors in various specialties to evaluate the onset of facial nerve palsy. They include neurologists, ophthalmologists, ENT doctors, and plastic and reconstructive surgeons, to name but a few. Together they can determine the proper course of action for the treatment of an individual patient with such a disorder.

Facial nerve palsy typically causes eye problems such as dry eyes, sagging of the lower eyelid and the inability to blink.

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